About Us

Hello from the entire Trusy team 👋🏼 

Thanks for stopping by our about page! We’ll keep this brief, because we don’t want the focus to be on us or our story but rather on you and the brands you’re working to build.

We are a small team of four based in the USA. Our team has years and years of social media marketing experience and through this experience we found a huge problem. Unless you’re a celebrity, or a brand with a large marketing budget, growing your Instagram is time consuming and painstakingly slow. 

We decided to change that! We put our heads together to analyze every aspect of the Instagram algorithm and what it takes to accelerate the growth of an account. In doing this we were able to create software that uses a unique targeted growth formula that finds users within the niche that you are looking to attract,  and places your content in front of them!

After several months of using this software for ourselves and making necessary changes and updates we realized how many others could benefit from what we have created.. and Trusy was born! We are not here to scam you, to spam your page with bots, or to waste a second of your time. We’re here to walk with you step by step and assist in every way possible to ensure your growth goals are met. 

So what do you say? Are you ready to grow? Great. Let’s get to it.